• Multi Orb Kinetic Wind Spinner


    New for 2020!  Pre-order now!

    There are a lot of features to unpack for our exclusive 3 Orb Solar Wind Spinner. This spinner sports three large crackle glass orbs, each with a bright solar LED light inside. Each orb has a set of independent spinner blades that rotate in opposite directions, and each set of spinner blades have a deep burnt orange finish on the outside and a distressed silver finish on the inside. The spinner's finish utilizes nanometer paint and a powder coated finish to resist fading and rust and comes with a large, 5-prong fork to secure it to the ground.

    All kinetic wind spinners are designed to be powered by the wind, however, no outdoor feature is windproof.  High winds or severe weather events can damage any outdoor wind feature.  Remove or take down in high winds.